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Don’t like the gym?  Don’t go.


Do you hate spin class?  Does the thought of going to the gym and climbing onto the eliptical trainer fill you with doom and gloom?  Are you concerned that if you go to one more group class where you are encouraged to ‘keep going! You can do it!’ you might just snap and kill them all?


So don’t do it.  Simple as that.  Just say no.


Not the best advice coming from a Health and Vitality Coach, I hear you cry.  Well, that is because I’m not quite finished yet.


Don’t do the thing you hate but do keep trying new things until you find something you love.


Traditional methods of exercise are not for everyone and neither are some of the new crazes.  I encourage you to go out there and try them all and eventually there will be one that you really enjoy.  Exercise is such an important factor in a healthy and balanced life that we cannot just ignore it – not if we want to live longer, fuller lives.  However, that does not mean because your best friend loves running, you will too.


People often start diets (I shudder as I type the word) and exercise regimes and hate both.  They dread going to the gym and after about three months just plain stop.  It is not sustainable.  No sane person will voluntarily do something they hate.  Why should they?  We spend so much of our time working, cooking, cleaning, tidying, running around after kids that the last thing we should be doing in our free time is torturing ourselves!!!  But what do so many of us do?  (I bet you have done it, too). We force ourselves to do something we don’t enjoy because we feel pressured into it, then quit because we hate it and then feel guilty for quitting.


Well I am here to tell you what you have been waiting to hear about forcing yourself to do something you hate – don’t do it.  If you try something and you don’t enjoy it that’s ok.  You just need to keep looking for something else.  I used to go to the gym and then one day I started Crossfit (yes, I am one of those people but I promise I won’t harp on about it!).  I found the exercise that gives me what I need.  If I could train every single day I would.  I love it.  There are people who don’t:  there are people who tried it, hated it and now love spin class, or Zumba, or going to the climbing wall.  There is something for everyone and the trick is to find what you love.  That way it will be something to look forward to.  You will have your ‘you’ time where you break a sweat, improve your health and feel good about yourself.  No duty, no obligation.


Do you have to exercise? Yes.  Does it matter what kind you do?  No.  As long as you enjoy it, that’s all that counts.  So if you don’t want to go to the gym, don’t go.  It’s your life so enjoy it.


What exercise do you love?  And which did you try and hate? Leave a comment below and give someone some new ideas!

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  • Gary  August 5, 2015 at 11:26 am

    Exactly! I’ve been preaching it for years. BAN GYMS!

  • MC  August 5, 2015 at 12:46 pm

    Excellent article. I personally hate treadmills but love yoga, step and dancing classes. So much fun and so good for you too. You are right. There is something out there for everyone. 😊

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