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My Story with Coaching and NLP


I want to share with you a little bit about myself – the typical information of where I am from and what I am like but I also want to show you the massive impact that NLP and coaching has had on my life so you can understand why I love what I do so much.  So here goes……



First of all,  I wanted to tell you why I became a coach in the first place but as I started to write it, it became intertwined along the way with my own NLP experience so here you have my jumbled story of who I am, what I do, why I do it and what happened along the way .


Going to University


When I finished school in Scotland I, like the majority of people, didn´t know what I wanted to do.  I only knew that I loved languages and singing.  I had no idea what I could do to start a career in music – thank goodness for career coaches nowadays – and so I went on to study business and languages.  I loved it and in my third and fourth years respectively I lived in Spain and Germany.  While I was in Germany, in a place called Mannheim, I started to have a strange experience – one morning I woke up and dozily walked to the bathroom.  As I walked there I couldn’t get my eyes to focus properly but just thought it was because it was early and I was still half asleep.  Until I looked in the mirror.  That was when I realised that my eye was entirely swollen shut.  I basically looked like I had been punched but without the colourful bruise.


I hadn´t actually been punched…


I had absolutely no idea why it happened, it went down after a couple of hours, and I put it down to some strange reaction to something.  Until it happened again.  And again.  It wasn´t always my eye though: the spongy part of my hand, my foot, half my lip….every couple of weeks it would be something different and it would always go down in a couple of hours.  The frightening one was when my tongue, and then throat swelled up.  I went to the doctor but by the time I saw someone it had gone down and they couldn’t help me.  Now I, apologies if you are from there, was not a big fan of Mannheim and that was before the swelling started.  I was not very happy during my time there and for the second six months of that year moved to Berlin.  I absolutely adored Berlin and the swelling stopped.  Make of that what you will for now but we will come back to it a little later……

After University


After university I still didn’t know what I wanted to do and so I started to work in an insurance company and I did not enjoy it one bit.  At this point people started saying to me ´why don’t you become a life coach, you already do it with everyone and you are so good at it?´  but I had already decided I was going to move back to Spain and teach English, which is exactly what I did.  I have been here for more than six years now and absolutely love it.


However, a couple of years ago I started to feel very stressed out.  I felt anxious and uneasy and really unhappy.  I couldn’t understand why and whilst I knew something was going on in my head I couldn’t put my finger on it and I couldn’t ´fix´it.  At this point I had been considering going back to university to train as a psychologist for several years – I wasn´t 100% certain that I wanted to do that but I knew I wanted to help people overcome their problems.  After a lengthy discussion with my family, I decided that I would complete a coaching and NLP qualification.  I did my research and I signed up for a course with the NLP Academy where I would be taught, amongst other people, by the co-founder of NLP John Grinder.  I completed my course and I fell in love.  Coaching was for me.  NLP was for me.  I found my ´thing´that I was meant to do and I have never looked back.



BUT…..let´s rewind a little because I did say I was going to tell you how NLP helped me personally.


Six months before I started the course, and ten years after Mannheim, my swelling returned.  This time with a vengeance.  First it was my eye and I immediately thought ´No. This cannot be happening again, I can´t cope with this´  but it went down in a couple of hours like the times before.  Then a week later I woke up with a swollen top lip.  I called my boss to tell him I was going to the doctor while it was happening so I could try to get some help this time and it was a good job I did because in the half hour from calling him to getting to the doctor´s surgery my entire top lip, right up to my nose, and half of my left cheek had swollen so much that had it swollen anymore, it would have burst the skin on my face.  I am not kidding.  I looked at myself in the mirror and I could not stop crying.  I cannot tell you how alone and utterly terrified I was at that moment.  I had to be injected with a lot of steroids and sent for tests.  I will never forget taking the long route home to my house, where there would be less people because the stares I was receiving were making me feel even worse.  I walked home that day completely distraught and entirely alone (at this point I should emphasise that I live in a different country from all my family).  When I got home I called my family and broke down.  This time it took about 6 hours for the swelling to go down.

And so it continued…..


Over the next 7 months I visited the doctor to be injected with steroids a lot.  I had visits with various specialists but I continued to swell – my eyes, lips, cheeks, hands and feet, fingers, toes, forehead (I didn´t think that was possible either!) my tongue and my throat all swelled up.  Then I started to get big, red, raised patches on my skin – just to put the icing on the cake! I was so miserable and scared all the time.  I became a total recluse: whenever friends asked me out to the cinema or for drinks I would make up an excuse because I was so frightened it would happen to me.  I didn’t want to go anywhere.  I went to work.  I came home.  Even on the metro home from work I would feel anxious and upset.  Sometimes I could feel a tingling in my lip and I would think ´no please, not now, just let me get home´.  I had an enormous amount of steroid tablets and had some stashed in every bag and coat I owned.  It was the loneliest feeling in the world – for me.


What the Parents say…..


Luckily for me at this point my parents came to visit for a while and were a great support when I swelled.  I was going to the allergy specialist but they were also doing research online (good old internet!!!) to see what it might be.  I remember one day my Mum said to me´You aren´t allergic to anything.  The specialist is going to tell you she doesn’t know what it is.  It is stress sweetie.  Whatever you have going on in that head of yours is the cause.  I looked and it is quite common.´


What the ´specialist´says……


Eventually the specialist called me in for my results and told me that I reacted like I had an allergy but I didn’t have an allergy.  There was a fancy name for it but I like to call it ´we don’t have a clue so we´ve called it this big long Latin word´.  When i asked her how long it would last she said she didn’t know: maybe 2 months (it had been 5), maybe 6, maybe a year, maybe longer.  When I asked what I was meant to do she told me to keep taking the steroids.  When I was obviously distressed at the thought of regularly taking steroids she said ´well its either that or your face wont go down´.  Needless to say she did not help with my anxiety and I continued to swell.


What the NLP Coach did……


Eventually, two months later and after completing my NLP coaching qualification, I was on a skype call with my fellow practitioner and very good friend and I started to cry.  I told him that my tongue had swollen that day and I just didnt know what to do.  He looked at me and calm as you like said ´well we are NLP coaches, let´s just fix you right now.´ He then did a two and half hour long coaching session with me where we addressed certain issues, spoke with my unconscious mind and helped me let go of some things and I HAVE NEVER SWOLLEN AGAIN.





The fact that our thoughts are so powerful that we can manifest symptoms in ourselves and not understand why is amazing.  We experience so many things and don´t always give them the attention they deserve, is it any wonder that our bodies sometimes go a little crazy?  Mine wanted to draw my attention to something I needed to focus on and deal with and it did it by making me swell.  Now, I would have much preferred something far less traumatic but let´s be honest – if he had made my hair super shiny and my skin brighter I probably wouldn’t have given it as much attention (other than to swing it about like I was in a shampoo ad that is!).


So that is my story.  I hope you made it all the way through to the end and if you have any questions, or would like to talk about how coaching and NLP can help you with something you are dealing with / would like to deal with / don’t know you need to deal with but really do, then please drop me an email.


I really want to help you.

Let´s Work Together