Skype: LighthouseLifeCoach   Phone: 0044 (0) 20 8144 3063

I truly believe that everyone is capable of being the best possible version of themselves but sometimes we need a little help and guidance to realise that potential that we all have.


This is where I come in.  


My job is to work collaboratively with you to guide you as you make changes.  Coaching is a two way process that requires work from both the coach and the client; If I am the lighthouse, I am there to show you the way, to shine the light that helps you make safe transitions and navigate from A to B but ultimately, the journey is yours and will require hard work and dedication.


In my coaching sessions I am open and honest because I want you to get what you want.  I am here to help you change something, achieve something or understand something and I want to create a relaxed atmosphere for this to happen in.


As a calm and sunny, upbeat person I hope to transmit similar feelings into our coaching environment.  Everyone can get to where they want to be; being stuck is only temporary and everything can be overcome with the right attitude, tools and guidance.


Sometimes we need to think outside the box to make effective changes or to get ourselves to a position where we are able to discover something that has been alluding us and a different, sometimes less traditional, approach can be highly effective in facilitating this process.


As a creative person, I love nothing more than finding new, innovative ways to work with clients, which is made much easier by the fact that no one client is the same and each individual requires an individual approach!


I look forward to working together!